Dr Lidija McKnight

BSc, MSc, PhD


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3.503 Stopford Building|Oxford Road|Manchester|M13 9PT

Telephone: +44161 306 4184
Website(s): Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank
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Manchester Museum

Research interests

My research focuses on the use of non-invasive radiographic techniques to study mummified animal remains from ancient Egypt. Mummies are generally wrapped in linen bandages and it is often impossible to see what the bundles contain simply by examining them visually. The use of radiographic techniques such as X-ray and CT scanning, enables us to see what the bundles contain without disturbing the integrity of the bundle and causing irreparable damage. As techniques improve, the quality of images we can acquire also improves and we are able to gather more and more information about the animals and the way they lived, died, and were treated at the hands of the embalmers.


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