Professor Andrew Sharrocks

BSc, PhD


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C2259 Michael Smith Building|Oxford Road|Manchester|M13 9PT

Telephone: +44161 275 5582
+44161 275 5979
Website(s): Multi-scale Biological Timing
Research Theme: Cell & cancer Biology
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Research interests

Recent technological advances have enabled us to discover the genetic blueprint for life- DNA- in many different organisms. DNA contains all the information required to form a fully functioning organism. However, this information must be accessed and decoded to enable the building blocks of life to be assembled. The basic initial process involved in decoding the genome is called transcription. This is in turn facilitated by chromatin remodelling, which is a process that allows the DNA to become accessible to the transcription machinery. Transcription does not occur constantly and at the same rate throughout the DNA in our genomes, and instead is controlled by molecular switches called transcription factors which themselves are turned on or off in response to signals. The overall aim of the work in my lab is to understand how transcription factors function as molecular switches and respond to signals, and hence are able to control the decoding of specific parts of the genome. Cancer is a disease primarily caused by errors in the genome-decoding process. Furthermore, future disease therapies are being developed based on the utility of stem cells for regenerating damaged tissues. Our work focuses on transcription factor switches in both these areas.


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