Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

BSc, PhD, DSc, FMedSci, FRS


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Telephone: +44161 306 6010

Research interests

Stroke and brain haemorrhage (bleeding) are common and devastating disorders, during which the blood supply to the brain is reduced or blocked, causing nerve cells to die, which can result in death or disability. We are trying to understand what causes strokes and what happens in the brain when it is deprived of blood and oxygen, to try and find better treatments and preventions. In particular, we now know that inflammation is important in causing brain damage after a stroke/haemorrhage. We have discovered that an inflammatory molecule called interleukin-1 (IL-1 for short) is made quickly by our own cells after infection and is made in the brain after a stroke or injury. We all have a natural blocker of IL-1 called IL-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1RA), which stops IL-1 causing inflammation. Our research suggests that a synthetic form of IL-1RA called Kineret, used to treat arthritis, could be a treatment for stroke and related conditions. We are undertaking laboratory research to better understand how IL-1 causes inflammation and brain damage after a stroke/haemorrhage, and the effects of some common risk factors such as obesity and atherosclerosis. We are also testing whether Kineret can be used to treat stroke/haemorrhage patients.


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