Professor Martin Humphries

BSc, PhD, FMedSci


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B.3015 Michael Smith Building|Oxford Road|Manchester|M13 9PT

Telephone: +44161 275 5071
+44161 275 5649
Website(s): Martin Humphries' lab web site

Research interests

Sticking, or adhesion, of cells, either to other cells or to the tissue proteins that surround them in the body, is a vital part of multicellular life. Adhesion is needed for holding the body together and for keeping millions of cells in the right place. During the course of many diseases, cells use adhesion to move abnormally throughout the body. Consequently, drugs that control adhesion might be useful for treating cardiovascular diseases, asthma, cancer, bacterial infections and ulcers. The work conducted in this lab uses new techniques to study the ways in which adhesion controls cell behaviour. If successful, the work will help us to understand more about how the molecules involved in adhesion work. It might also suggest ways to design drugs to control adhesion.


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