Projects Available

Below are the projects currently available as part of the Programme, based in Manchester.

For a full list of projects available (including projects in Liverpool), see the main NERC DTP.

Principal supervisor: Richard Bardgett

Co-Supervisors: Bart van Dongen (SEAES), Franciska De Vries (Life Sciences)

Do changes in plant functional diversity modulate the response of mountain ecosystems to climate change?

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Principal supervisor: Mike Buckley

Co-Supervisors: Bart van Dongen (SEAES), Franciska De Vries (Life Sciences), Phil Manning (SEAES)

Biomolecule exchange with the natural environment during vertebrate tissue decomposition

+/- Summary

Principal supervisor: Franciska De Vries

Co-Supervisors: Richard Bardgett (Life Sciences), Bart van Dongen (SEAES)

Microbial community stability and functioning in glacier forelands

+/- Summary

Principal supervisor: Jon Pittman

Co-Supervisors: Keith White (Life Sciences), Roy Goodacre (Chemistry), Richard Pattrick (SEAES), Jon Lloyd (SEAES)

Environmental toxicity and food chain transfer of metallic nanoparticles

+/- Summary

Principal supervisor: Jennifer Rowntree

Co-Supervisors: Jon Lloyd (SEAES), Richard Pattrick (SEAES)

Modification of micronutrient uptake by parasitic plants

+/- Summary

Principal supervisor: Robert Sansom

Co-Supervisors: Phil Manning (SEAES), Roy Wogelius (SEAES), Matthew Cobb (Life Sciences)

Assessing fossils and fossilization to reconstruct the origin and evolution of arthropods

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Principal supervisor: Chris Thompson

Co-Supervisors: Chris Knight, Tucker Gilman (Life Sciences)

Understanding genetic diversity in cooperation and cheating in natural populations

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