Projects Available

Below are the projects currently available as part of the Programme, based in Manchester.

For a full list of projects available (including projects in Liverpool), see the main NERC DTP.

Principal supervisor: Richard Bardgett

Co-Supervisor: Grant Allen (SEAES)

Alpine climate change: how does advanced snowmelt impact alpine greenhouse gas fluxes?

Principal supervisor: Robert Sansom

Co-Supervisors: Russel Garwood (SEAES), Phil Manning (SEAES), Roy Wogelius (SEAES)

Assessing fossils, fossilization and phylogeny to reconstruct the origin and evolution of arthropods

Principal supervisor: Susanne Shultz

Co-Supervisor: John Fitzpatrick

Assessing how ecology influences evolutionary transitions to complex societies in African cichlids

Principal supervisor: Jennifer Rowntree

Co-Supervisors: Richard Bardgett, Richard Preziosi

Diversity and function of tropical soils

Principal supervisor: Jon Pittman

Co-Supervisors: Keith White, Holly Shiels, Richard Pattrick (SEAES), Jon Lloyd (SEAES)

Environmental toxicity and aquatic food chain transfer of metallic nanoparticles

Principal supervisor: Robert Sansom

Co-Supervisors:Jon Lloyd (SEAES), Bart Van Dongen (SEAES)

Experimental decay and fossilization of soft tissues

Principal supervisor: Chris Knight

Co-Supervisor: Daniela Delneri

Experimenting with evolution: adaptation in spatially structured environments

Principal supervisor: Jennifer Rowntree

Co-Supervisors: Jon Lloyd (SEAES) and Richard Pattrick (SEAES)

Manipulation of the rhizosphere and modification of micronutrient uptake by parasitic plants

Principal supervisor: Tucker Gilman

Co-Supervisors: Jennifer Rowntree, Giles Johnson

Maximising crop yield in a changing world: empirical studies and predictive models

Principal supervisor: Eriko Takano

Co-Supervisors: Jon Lloyd (SEAES), Rainer Breitling

Metagenome sequencing and in silico design for biogeoengineering by synthetic microbiology

Principal supervisor: Franciska de Vries

Co-Supervisors: Richard Bardgett, Bart Van Dongen (SEAES)

Microbial community stability and functioning in glacier forelands

Principal supervisor: Minsung Kim

Co-Supervisors: Richard Preziosi, Jennifer Rowntree

Orchid and fungal interaction

Principal supervisor: Tucker Gilman

Co-Supervisors: John Fitzpatrick, Richard Preziosi

Predicting the effects of climate change on the fertility and reproduction of marine invertebrates

Principal supervisor: John Fitzpatrick

Co-Supervisors: Jennifer Rowntree, Richard Preziosi

Quantifying the genetic health of wild and captive shark populations

Principal supervisor: Mike Buckley

Co-Supervisors: Andrew Chamberlain, Phil Manning (SEAES)

Quantitative Measures of Quaternary Palaeobiodiversity Using Proteomic Methods

Principal supervisor: Mike Buckley

Co-Supervisors: Bart Van Dongen (SEAES), Clare Mills (MHS)

Quantitative tissue-specific and species-specific analyses of animal feed

Principal supervisor: Chris Knight

Co-Supervisor: Daniela Delneri

Survival of the flattest and its relevance for conservation biology

Principal supervisor: Richard Preziosi

Co-Supervisor: Jennifer Rowntree

The genetics of mangrove ecosystem services

Principal supervisor: Bill Sellers

Co-Supervisor: Phil Manning (SEAES)

The Rôle of Elastic Structures in Dinosaur Locomotion

Principal supervisor: Chris Thompson

Co-Supervisor: Chris Knight

The role of genetic architecture and constraint in the maintenance of genetic diversity