Modules for visiting students

If you are a student at a university in any country outside the UK there are various ways you can join us for your period of study abroad.

For those who are majoring in a life sciences subject, there is a wide range of bioscience-focussed modules available.

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For how to apply and further information, see The University of Manchester study abroad and exchanges section.

An Introduction to Current Topics in Biology

BIOL20882 (10 credits) BIOL21882 (20 credits)

An Introduction to Current Topics in Biology is a module designed specifically for students who are not majoring in a life sciences subject.

If you do not have advanced biology qualifications, but are interested in this exciting and ever-expanding subject, this module is for you.

Students will be introduced to :

  • DNA technology
  • Stem cell research
  • Climate change
  • Evolution

Students will be equipped with the background facts necessary to develop an informed opinion about current topics, in order to appreciate the complexities of current biological issues. This module will be a useful addition to a wide range of courses across the university, with information relevant to politics, law, ethics and philosophy, as well as science.

Disclaimer: Our modules teach the current trends in life sciences. Consequently, details of our modules may vary over time. The University therefore reserves the right to make such alterations to modules as are found to be necessary. Before accepting your offer of a course, it is essential that you are aware of the current terms on which the offer is based. This includes the modules available to you. If in doubt, please contact us.