Secrets of early life on Earth uncovered.

A long-term study has provided crucial evidence to help scientists understand how early life on Earth evolved. The team have found that evolution can make great leaps forward when organisms share genes between one another.

It is thought that this gene swapping technique is the basis for cell structures like mitochondria and chloroplasts - essential parts of the cell that generate energy for the organism.

This reasearch may now go onto inform better methods of controllng anti-biotic resistance and will help shape models that look at the history of evolution on Earth.

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Ask a Scientist

Ask a Scientist

How good is our immune systems? Should I use anti-bacterial soap?

This Friday we are interviewing Dr Sheena Cruickshank - an expert on the Immmune System. Use Facebook to ask your questions.

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Eye Disorder Breakthrough

A team of University scientists have made a key breakthrough which could help cure a common eye disorder.

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The impact of our research


The Faculty is at the forefront of research that matters. We compiled some case studies to showcase the impact of our research.


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Wellcome Trust funded studentship. Applications welcome.

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EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship scheme now open. See Being a postdoc in FLS for more information.

Dr Brassey.

Faculty scientist downsizes a giant dinosaur with a new computer model.

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Tuesday Feature

Nick Ogden

Episode 22: Nick Ogden

Join us in looking at the work of the Faculty's photographer, Nick Ogden, in this week's Tuesday Feature.

Life Science Legacy

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AV Hill won his Nobel Prize with something as simple as a thermometer. Find out in Life Science Legacy.

#LoveLifeSciences Video

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Watch a video which shows why we #LoveLifeSciences.

Life Science Broadcast

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How does memory work?

Our Life Science Broadcast this week sheds light on how our memory works.