Groundbreaking book shows the diversity of fossilised insects

In a groundbreaking new book, Fossil Insects, Faculty scientist Dr David Penney and his colleague James E Jepson show the incredible diversity of fossilised insects around the world.

Combining stunning photographs and unique illustrations, the book brings to life the ancient world fictionalised in Jurassic Park, showing us what these fossils tell us about ancient and modern worlds, and even the future of our planet.

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At work in the lab

Prestigious fellowships for three Faculty scientists

Our congratulations go to three Faculty researchers who have recently been awarded important independent fellowships.

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The front cover of Dr Kirby's book

Dr David Kirby discusses science advisers in film and TV

Dr David Kirby was recently featured in a Nature podcast and article, looking at the role of scientific advisers in Hollywood.

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The impact of our research


The Faculty is at the forefront of research that matters. We compiled some case studies to showcase the impact of our research.


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