Softening up cancer cells to make chemo more effective

Combining chemotherapy with new drugs that target a protein that helps cancer cells to withstand chemotherapy could drastically improve treatment, according to research published in the journal Cancer Cell.

Study leader Stephen Taylor comments,

"This new combination could ‘soften-up’ cancer cells, making it easier for chemotherapy to deliver the final blow and destroy the tumour. And the good news is that drugs targeting Bcl-xL are already out there and being tested in clinical trials."

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Neanderthal nose

How our sense of smell evolved

Scientists have studied how our sense of smell has evolved, and reconstructed how a long-extinct human relative would have been able to smell.

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Anna Kell

Anna's Costa Rica diary

" isn’t just about someone sat in a lab in Manchester but includes applying your skills in less conventional environments."

Find out what else Anna Kell has to say about our Costa Rica field course.

The impact of our research


The Faculty is at the forefront of research that matters. We compiled some case studies to showcase the impact of our research.


EPSRC logo

EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship scheme now open. See Being a postdoc in FLS for more information.

Dr Brassey.

Faculty scientist downsizes a giant dinosaur with a new computer model.

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Tuesday Feature

Mark Elvin

Episode 19: Mark Elvin

Mark talks about his Australian surfer guy hero, robots and cell culture in the latest Tuesday Feature.

Minute lecture

Hand drawing a minute lecture illustration

Why could understanding how a cell 'feels' its environment help to find a cure for cancer? Find out in our new Minute Lecture.

#LoveLifeSciences Video

#LoveLifeSciences purple heart logo

Watch a video which shows why we #LoveLifeSciences.

Life Science Broadcast

Brain scan

How does memory work?

Our Life Science Broadcast this week sheds light on how our memory works.